Our mountain lodge accommodations are famously comfy and cozy. They all have dreamy Alpine views, too.

Cut right to the chase with a quick look at our latest special offers. You’re bound to find something too good to refuse.

Standard Room

2-4 guests

Clean and comfortable, with space to spread out.

Deluxe Loft Suite

4-8 guests

Our Deluxe Loft Suite is the showstopper.


You can head to the mountains and find every comfort of home, and then some. See why rustic shouldn’t have to mean roughing it.


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Wellness / Fitness / Spa

Grab a warm-up or cool-down workout before or after your day’s activities,or indulge in something more relaxing like a spa treatment or few.

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Edelweiss Lodge and Resort is ready to show you a good time, but it’s not for everybody. Find out more about our eligibility requirements, other rules and things to know about booking accommodations and experiences with us.





 Free parking makes it easy for you to drive in and get around.