Partnach Gorge

Partnach Gorge


Visit a natural wonder that is a must see for any Garmisch visit. The Partnach Gorge, which was declared a natural monument in 1912, will cast its spell on you with its wild waterfalls, water rapids and tranquil water basins. First stop on the tour is at the 1936 Olympic Ski Jump Stadium. From there it will be a twenty minute walk to the entrance of the Partnach Gorge. We also have a gorge bike-and-hike tour where we ride from the Resort to the gorge and back. 


Winter Partnach Gorge

The Gorge is an exceptionally mystical and charming place. Any trip to Garmisch should include a trip to this must-see natural wonder. Given historic information at the Olympic Ski Jump Stadium and at the gorge itself, you will walk along the beautifully carved stone where water flows through the ice caverns. Afterward, indulge in a tasty dessert or beverage in a classic Gästhaus. It is also possible to experience the gorge at night with a torch! Read further for details.


Winter Partnach Gorge Torchlit Night Tour

As magnificent as in the daytime is the Partnach Gorge when illuminated by fire at night. You will head out from the hotel just around dusk and arrive at the Olympic Ski Jump Stadium to receive historic information and facts about the gorge. Then, light up your torch as you head through the stunning gorge of ice stalactites and stalagmites shining with the light from the flame. This is truly a unique way to see such a beautiful rock formation in the winter. Afterward, indulge in a tasty dessert or beverage in the classic Partnach Gästhaus. Tour dates begin when the ice has formed in the gorge. 


* The partnach tour is not stroller friendly any time of year and not available for children under 8 years old.



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