Installation Access Control System (IACS)

In accordance with military guidance, it is required that authorized guests who are sponsoring non military ID card holders must be registered into the IACS system no less than 7 business days prior to arrival. Without prior registration, you will be denied access to the resort. 

You may obtain access to the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort by one of the following methods:

  • Have a valid DOD ID card (active or civilian) and be registered in the IACS.
  • Have a valid USAREUR/USAFE Installation pass or temporary pass (which includes 6ASG)
  • Be signed in by an individual with sign-in privileges.
  • Be on the IACS roster and present passport identification.

Guests not included on the IACS roster prior to arrival will experience delays in gaining access to the resort throughout their stay. The information should be received no earlier than 30 days prior to arrival and no less than 7 business days before arrival. Without prior submission, there will be significant delays in access the resort and in some cases, access might be denied. These are USAREUR base regulations which the Edelweiss Resort must follow. 

Please provide ALL the following information:

  • Sponsor Official Full Name (as stated on military ID)
  • Sponsor Military ID Card Number
  • Type of Military ID (Retired, CAC, Active Duty, Installation Pass, etc.)
  • Sponsor Military ID Expiration Date
  • Does the Military ID have a barcode?
  • Sponsor citizenship
  • Sponsor Phone Number and Email Address
  • Dates which access is requested for guests (check in and check out dates / arrival and departure)
  • Where is the guest staying (Edelweiss Lodge, Vacation Village or local Garmisch Hotel)
  • Reservation Confirmation Number


  • Guest(s) Official Full Name (as stated on passport)
  • Guest(s) Official Passport Number
  • Guest(s) Passport Citizenship
  • Guest(s) Passport Expiration Date

Relationship of the individuals to the sponsor (examples): 

- part of conference or group booked in sponsors name

- family member of the sponsor

- personal guest of the sponsor

Please email all the above information to

The information should be received no earlier than 30 days prior to arrival and no later than 7 business days before arrival.

What to expect when you arrive if you are not listed on the IACS roster : 

All individuals not registered in IACS or the local USAG Garmisch Access Roster must be signed in by their guest sponsor who must be an ID card holder with sign-in privileges. Edelweiss Resort Security may sign in valid guests not registered in IACS who do not have a sponsor with them, however this is very restricted and will cause some inconveniences. Temporary passes will be made at the PONDS guard station. The PONDS guards will issue a Temporary Paper Pass that the guest will be required to carry until it expires, at which time the guest will be placed on a Temporary Access Roster throughout their stay. This process takes 24 hours from the time the copies are made, until they are ready to be picked up.

Please have two forms of ID as it is required to gain access to the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort.


Please certify below that you are eligible to make a reservation.

If you do not find room availability on your desired dates, please contact our Vacation Planning Center by email or phone.

Edelweiss Lodge and Resort authorized patrons include the following personnel (subject to stipulations on the RESERVATION ELIGIBILITY PAGE). Active-duty military members in EUCOM, military retirees (click here for details), military reservists in EUCOM, national guardsmen in EUCOM, current Department of Defense civilian employees assigned to EUCOM, foreign military currently on orders assigned to a U.S. military installation and the family members of authorized patrons. NATO military members with a USAREUR installation pass and AE FORM 600-700 are eligible to stay at the Edelweiss Resort.

Edelweiss Lodge and Resort patronage is governed by Department of Defense Instruction 1015.10 (Programs for Military Morale, Welfare, and Recreation). A room reserved with multiple sponsors should be reserved based on the highest ranking sponsor. Guests with both retired and civilian status living in Europe, must reserve based on the civilian rank. Room rates may change upon check-in based on sponsors rank. Eligible guests can sponsor additional rooms for non-eligible guests. *For a complete eligibility listing, please read RESERVATION ELIGIBILITY PAGE.

If you do not find room availability on your desired dates, please contact our Vacation Planning Center by email or phone.