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August 12, 2020 4:24pm


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The Point Wellness Club

Spa open daily from 0800 to 2200. Fitness Center open 24 hours daily. Point Snack Bar open daily from 0800 to 2200. For those not staying at the Edelweiss Resort or Vacation Village, you will need to pay an entrance fee. Adults $10, Youth $5.


Nobody ever said relaxing spa treatments have to break the bank. Our goal is to provide you with a peaceful, relaxing experience from the moment you arrive. Our spa has four treatment rooms and access to an indoor wellness pool, saunas, steam rooms, footbaths, and outdoor hot tub. Our certified therapists provide a healing environment that rejuvenates and restores your senses as you refocus your thoughts and quiet your mind. With several massage treatments and body treatments, you can find something that will help soothe your mind and body.

Massage Treatments

Body Treatments

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Spa Reservations

Spa treatments are subject to limited availability. It’s a good idea to schedule your treatments before you arrive, to ensure you get the access you’re after. Get started by filling out a spa treatment request form.

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Spa Information

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled service. If you arrive late, your session will be shortened to ensure the satisfaction of all guests. If you arrive more than 20 minutes after your treatment’s start time, your appointment will be canceled. During each treatment, we follow standard American draping protocol. Gratuities are not included in service price.

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We require at least four hours of notice to change or cancel an afternoon or evening appointment. Morning appointments must be canceled before 1900 the evening before. A $20 fee will be assessed for cancellations not meeting these requirements. No notification will result in a full charge of service. Cancellations must be made directly with The Point Wellness Club front desk at 08821-944-4150.


Drink plenty of water and please do not consume alcohol at least two hours before and after your treatment. Anyone with a contagious condition such as a cold or flu cannot receive a massage. A massage could worsen your condition, spreading it throughout the body. You may be turned away with failure to meet these conditions.

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Our pool and hot tub are ready for you to take a relaxing dip!

  • For the safeguard of your children and enjoyment of all guests, you are required to follow the child-supervision guidelines below while swimming at The Point Wellness Club. These policies are enforced to ensure the safety of your children.
  • Direct line-of-sight vision with children 14 years and younger must be maintained at all times.
  • Children 14 years and younger must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian 18 years or older.
  • Children 5 years and younger must wear an approved Personal Flotation Device while playing in the pool or hot tub. Personal Flotation Devices are provided free of charge in the pool area. Children 15 years and older do not need to be accompanied by an adult.
Virus Prevention Safety Rules

Pool and Hot Tub

  • The danger of exposure to infectious disease exists
  • By entering the pool, you take responsibility for your own protection and for disinfecting your hands and anything you touch in the pool area
  • Do not use the pool if you have a cough, fever or other symptoms of illness
  • Maintain at least 6 feet between you and other people who are not a part of your household while in the pool, hot tub or on the pool deck, inside and outside
  • Please wear a face covering when you are not in the swimming pool or sitting at a table or lounge chair with distancing
  • Please wipe down any furniture you have used when leaving
  • Please spray lifejackets with disinfectant before and after use
  • Deposit all used towels in towel bins
  • Locker rooms available only for bathrooms (no changing)
  • Pool visit time limited to 60 min when guests are waiting
  • Sauna and steam room are not in service
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