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Massage Treatments

Signature Massage

60 min. $70 // 90 min. $95

Take a break with our signature massage that will take you beyond relaxation. This classic full-body massage reduces mental and physical fatigue, improves circulation and soothes muscle soreness. Choose between a classic Swedish or deep pressure massage. Body treatment add-ons are available. Please see Body Treatment descriptions below for details.

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Zen Stone Massage

60 min. $75 // 90 min. $105

Melt away into a state of relaxation while your body indulges in the healing benefits of soothing strokes with our heated stones in hand.

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Paired Massage

60 min. $135 // 90 min. $185

Our paired signature massage features two tables and two therapists giving massages in the same room. Anyone can have a couples massage – spouses, parents and children, or close friends. Please let us know when you request a booking if you’d like a mommy-to-be massage. Add-ons and Zen Stone are not available for paired massages.

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Mommy-to-be Massage

60 min. $65

This full-body treatment is designed to help with your pregnancy aches and pains. Tailored to the specific needs of pregnant women, prenatal massage shares many of the goals of regular massage – to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots and improve circulation/mobility and to make you feel good! This treatment is only for women in their second or third trimester. 

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Teen Massage

30 min. $35 // 60 min. $65

This treatment includes similar features of our signature massage but it tailored to ages 15-17. Light to medium pressure is applied. Parental supervision is optional.

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“My First Massage”

ages 6-14, 30 min. $35

Choose one, two or all three areas of focus during treatment: foot massage, hand/forearm massage and head/neck/shoulder massage. Duration of treatment will last no longer than 30 minutes. Parents must stay in the room during the entire treatment.

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Enhanced Muscle Therapy

30 minute add-on for $35

This concentrated therapy uses warming and cooling treatment to relieve deep muscle pain caused by sports injuries, training and other kinds of overuse due to repetitive motion. *uses menthol-infused products

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Aroma Therapy

Add-on $5

Enhance your massage by choosing the soothing and uplifting benefits of aromatherapy.

  • *Stress Relief - orange, bergamot, lavender, lemongrass
  •  Detox - black pepper, grapefruit, juniper berry, cypress
  • *Relax Fusion - lavender, tangerine, clary sage
  • *Tranquility - basil, bergamot, lavender

* Note: pregnant women cannot have aromatherapy with lavender

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