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April 06, 2020 1:33pm


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Recreation Programs

We specialize in helping you get out to enjoy all kinds of active pursuits the area has to offer, even when it’s not winter. The whole region is packed with destinations to climb and conquer. We’ve got your access to some experiences you won’t want to miss.

Tandem Paragliding Flights
Soar like an eagle above Garmisch and find out just how free you can feel. Take a tandem flight with an instructor over Kreuzeck Mountain for a wonderful perspective on the Alpine scenery.
Even if you’ve never been kayaking before, you’ll get all the instruction you need to experience this fun, scenic activity on the water.
Bike and E-Bike Rentals
Pedal through Garmisch and the surrounding area at your own leisurely pace. It’s a great way to get around town without paying cab fare. And, you can also find some of the best mountain bike trails in the country, ranging from flat and easy to medium hills and more intense climbs.
Discover mystical mountain gorges and nature with this sporty activity that combines climbing, rappelling, jumping and swimming. It’s Europe’s latest craze, and we can help you get in on the fun.
White Water Rafting
This is one of our most popular programs. White water rafting gives you two ways to brave the rapids. You can choose your adventure and make it relatively tame or a little more advanced.
Flat Water Rafting
Here’s the more leisurely cousin of our white water rafting adventures. You’ll take a 2-3 hour relaxing float trip on the beautiful Loisach River.
Kletterwald High Ropes Course
Fly high among the treetops on the Wank Mountain in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. You can test your limitations, practice teamwork and enjoy a fast-paced mountain experience along the way.