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Guided Tours

The Germans have this amazing word: Wanderlust. It means a very strong, irresistible urge to travel. Chances are you know what this feels like. Treat your Wanderlust to one of our many guided day tours. The whole region is crawling with castles, gorges, monasteries and more. Our English-speaking tour guides get you to all the can’t-miss spots. And, you’ll enjoy the ride in comfort and style on our smooth, chauffeured shuttle busses.

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Neuschwanstein Castle
This is what you think of when you think of a fairytale castle. Neuschwanstein Castle is a majestic icon recognized the world over, and it’s just a few miles away, just waiting for you to see in person year-round.
Griesbräu Brewery
Bavaria is beer country. Only, here it’s called bier. Learn more about it direct from the cradle of beer civilization at this classic Bavarian brewery tour.
Bavarian Brotzeit and Ettal Monastery
Beer and cheese. It’s an epicurean’s delight with a helping of history and culture mixed in.
Horse and Carriage Rides
Check out life in the slow lane for a change. Taking a horse-drawn carriage ride is a quaint, but quintessential way to check out the sights around town.
Austria Night Sledding
Experience this unique and exciting way to have fun on the snow after the sun sets.
Linderhof Palace
Visit the smallest of the three palaces built by King Ludwig II near the fairy tale village of Oberammergau.
Dachau Concentration Camp
Opened in 1933 as the first regular concentration camp established by the National Socialist Party. You will visit an exhibit and learn the history of the camp.
Oberammergau and Passion Play
NEW TOUR! Enjoy a short walking tour of the fairytale village and see the exhibit located within the Passion Play Theater.
Mittenwald Village
The rural mountain village of Mittenwald rests along the Isar River at the border of Austria and Germany. Known as "The Village of a Thousand Violins," it has been ranked on multiple sites as one of the most authentic and scenic small towns in Europe.
Summer Partnach Gorge
This mystical, charming natural wonder is a must-see on any trip to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Enjoy it all year long, with a torchlit tour in the winter or hike in the summer.
Lake Eibsee by Scenic Train Ride
NEW TOUR! Ride the scenic train to beautiful Lake Eibsee which sits directly at the base of Germany's tallest mountain, the Zugspitze. Spend the day walking around the lake or enjoying a tour of the lake by boat.
Alpine Coaster Adventure
It’s like a roller coaster built into a mountain. It’s fast-flying fun and full of beautiful sights the whole way up and back down.
Salzburg, Austria
Spend a day down the road in Austria, exploring the city center and old town. Check out old stomping grounds of Mozart and the storied von Trapps.
Berchtesgaden Eagle's Nest
Travel to the Obersalzberg area to view one of the most interesting and historic buildings from WWII in all of Germany.
Vacation Guide
Spark your imagination about a dream vacation to the Alps.