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September 21, 2020 2:25am


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Alpine Coaster

Alpine Coaster Adventure

High in the mountains above Oberammergau lies adventure for the whole family. First, you’ll hop a ride on a two-person chair lift to an elevation of 4,166 feet. You’ll have time to enjoy snacks or lunch at the nearby mountain lodge, and kids can also explore the Mountain Adventure Playground. Getting back down brings the fun part. You’ll have the option of riding the lift down, which is one way to do it. Or, you could also cruise along an 8,500-foot long Alpine coaster. You may reach speeds up to 25 miles per hour, but you’ll have a hand brake to control your own speed.

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Summer Tour

May 1 — October 31, 2020
Tuesday & Sunday 1000 - 1400 / Saturday 1300 - 1700

Adults (15 & up) $35
Children (5-14) $25
Infants (0-4) $15

Note: Each guest gets a ticket for one ride up the chairlift and one ride down the slide. You’ll have a chance to buy extra tickets if you want to ride more than once. Children ages 3–7 may ride the Alpine Coaster accompanied by an adult. Children ages 8 and up (who are at least 4’7” tall) may ride alone.

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73 bends, 9 jumps, 7 waves

highest point 4m above the ground

A modern magnetic brake system

Break levers on both sides of the cart

User-regulated speed up to 25mph

Optimized seats with backrest and seat belt