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A few packages are now available due to cancellations. Take advantage of this affordable opportunity to visit Europe! 

A Relaxed Vacation Experience

At Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, we've reimagined our European Escapes packages to offer you an even more incredible experience. Get ready to embark on an adventure that takes you to Italy, Austria, and the enchanting region of Tirol, where you'll explore charming cities, indulge in delightful shops, visit world-class museums, and savor the finest wines. 

Our European Escapes package is exclusively designed for military retirees and their beloved spouses, offering you the vacation of a lifetime against the backdrop of Europe's most spectacular settings. Our comprehensive package includes:

• Transportation to and from Munich International Airport, ensuring a seamless start and end to your journey.

• Private bus transportation to all destinations, accompanied by a professional English-speaking guide who will enrich your experience with their expertise and stories.

• A very comfortable ten-night stay at the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, your home away from home during this incredible adventure.

• Special planned welcome and farewell meals, and delightful surprises sprinkled throughout your journey.

Our primary goal is to provide you with a safe, exhilarating, and unforgettable experience in and around the picturesque town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, set amidst stunning natural beauty, boasts top-notch facilities and a dedicated staff eager to make your vacation exceptional. With our exceptional support, you can focus on having a fantastic time, meeting like-minded fellow travelers, sharing laughter, and immersing yourself in the local culture. We handle all the intricate planning, so all you have to do is get here and make cherished memories.

The demand for our European Escapes packages is incredible, and they tend to sell out quickly, often within a single day. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of an extraordinary journey through Europe. Secure your spot today and prepare for a relaxing and comfortable visit to Edelweiss Lodge and Resort. 

European Escapes Packages Dates available:

Currently, our European Escapes packages are sold out.

Availability changes quickly. Please email or call (49) 8821-944-4132 to check availability.

Christmas Market European Escapes Tours
*These will be available to reserve in the summer of 2024. Dates to be determined. Currently not available to reserve. 

European Escapes Package includes:

• Airport transportation to and from Munich International Airport (set times)
• Hotel accommodations at Edelweiss Resort with alpine view rooms
• 7 guided tours with entry tickets included
• Daily breakfast buffet at Market Station restaurant
• Special arrival and farewell receptions

Explore Garmisch on your own during the two "rest" days. You can make them as exciting or relaxing as you like. 

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16 May - 26 May
6 June - 16 June 
27 June - 7 July 
28 June - 8 July
18 July - 28 July
8 August - 18 August 
29 August - 8 September
19 September - 29 September 
10 October - 20 October
31 October - 10 November

Arrival Day / Welcome Reception


1200 Private coach departs Munich International Airport
1400 Arrive in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
1500 Evening Welcome Reception (Dinner included)

You will arrive at the Munich International Airport and be greeted by an Edelweiss Lodge and Resort representative. Enjoy some time to mingle with your fellow retirees and stretch your legs after the long flight before boarding a private coach bus en route to Garmisch.

During the drive, watch as the majestic mountains begin to form around you before arriving in the stunning Werdenfelser valley with the highest mountain in all of Germany right at your feet: the Zugspitze. The rest of the afternoon is yours to get checked-in, unpack and relax before attending the Welcome Reception and dinner at the Edelweiss  Lodge and Resort. Then enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep as you prepare to experience the vacation of a lifetime!

Garmisch City Tour and Dinner Shuttle


0630 - 0900 Breakfast at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort
0900 Depart for Morning Garmisch-Partenkirchen City Tour
1300 Free time for lunch and shopping
1530 Return to Edelweiss Resort

The quaint town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen quietly rests in the Werdenfelser Valley at the foot of the majestic Bavarian Alps.  Weather permitting we will start at the Eibsee where your guide will lead you on a 15-minute walk to one of the best viewpoints of the Zugspitze.  From there we will head on a scenic drive around the valley and learn about the unique history of Garmisch and Partenkirchen.  Our next stop will be at the famous Olympic Ski Stadium which dates back to the 1936 Winter Olympics.

Your guide will then take you along the cobblestone streets of Partenkirchen pointing out historic buildings, monuments, architecture, shopping spots and more. This beautiful walk down the historic Ludwigstrasse in Partenkirchen – was once a part of the Roman Road from Venice to Augsburg. Enjoy the fascinating murals and art of this cobblestone street before heading west toward Garmisch. You will learn the history of Garmisch, peruse the Marienplatz pedestrian zone, Kurpark and enjoy free time to explore or dine in one of the many amazing Garmisch restaurants.

1730 Bavarian Restaurant Dinner Shuttle
We will make a reservation at a local Bavarian Restaurant for dinner this evening. A shuttle will be provided and dinner is pay-as-you-go. 

Linderhof Castle / Oberammergau


0630 - 0900 Breakfast at Edelweiss Resort
0830 - 1600 Linderhof and Oberammergau

The smallest of the three palaces built by King Ludwig II lies nestled amongst the mountains in the Graswang Valley and is the only palace he lived to see completed. Tour the lavish palace to see the bed-chamber, tapestry chambers, the grand hall of mirrors, and the dining room with its magic table. Stroll through the ornate gardens, taking in the fountains and flowers. After the palace visit, enjoy a walking tour of the Oberammergau village and peruse the shops of the local woodcarvers that line the streets.

Swarovski Crystal World and Innsbruck City


0630 - 0830 Breakfast at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort
0830 Depart for Innsbruck
1000 Arrive at Swarovski Crystal World
1200 Depart for Innsbruck
1230 Arrive in Innsbruck
1245 Lunch at the Augustiner Stiftskeller
1400 Free time to explore Innsbruck
1800 Arrive at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort

The Austrian city of Innsbruck is the capital city of Tirol in northern Austria and home of the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics. Swarovski Crystal Worlds was opened in 1995 to mark the centennial anniversary of the company’s founding. Multimedia artist André Heller designed a unique and magical place. This beloved attraction has brought moments of wonder to over fifteen million visitors from all around the world. Visitors are surprised, touched, and perhaps even transformed by crystal in all its facets. We then travel to Innsbruck, renowned for its many churches, extensive walking district and the city's most famous landmark the golden roof adorned with 2,738 fire-gilded copper tiles. As a group we have lunch at the Stiftskeller in the old town, followed by free time to explore the city at your own pace.

Brixen Italy / Novacella Abbey


0600 – 0700 Breakfast at Edelweiss Resort
0700 Depart Tour 
2000 Return to Edelweiss Lodge and Resort

The Novacella Abbey rests amongst the beautiful wine region in Northern Italy.  Here you will learn about the history of the monastery which dates back to the 12th century and will taste some of the amazing wines produced since the abbey’s establishment. You will then head to the town of Bressanone for free time for lunch.

Free Day


0630 - 1000 Breakfast at Edelweiss Resort

The day is yours! Sleep in, wake up early, rent a car, or go for a leisurely walk from the hotel. You have been hitting it hard the last few days, doing something local would be nice. Some activities you may enjoy include:

• The beautiful Partnach Gorge
• Olympic Ski Jump Stadium
• A stroll through the Marienplatz / Christmas Market
• Drinking traditional Gluhwein
• Shopping in downtown Garmisch
• A dip in our outdoor hot tub
• A bite in a Bavarian café
• Taking a train to a nearby town
• Riding a cable car to the top of Germany - the Zugspitze
• Receiving a relaxing massage from our Wellness club
• Reserve another guided tour! 

Regensburg and Weltenburg Monastery

Wednesday (April and October Only)

0700 Depart Edelweiss Resort
2000 Arrive back to Edelweiss Resort

Our adventure begins as we depart Edelweiss and head towards the stunning Weltenburg Monastery, nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Danube Gorge. We will embark on a memorable boat ride along the Danube River, through the enchanting Danube Gorge. This natural wonder will captivate you with its towering limestone cliffs, dense forests, and crystal-clear waters. The boat ride offers you a unique perspective of the beautiful landscape and the history behind this stretch of the river. As the boat gently approaches Weltenburg Monastery, you’ll see the grand silhouette of this historic Benedictine abbey, founded in 620 AD. Explore the tranquil courtyards, the serene chapel adorned with intricate Baroque decorations, and the informative museum that houses a treasure trove of artifacts.  Learn about the centuries of history and the role this monastery has played in the region’s religious and cultural development.

Regensburg Highlights
Our guide will lead you through the city’s winding alleyways and picturesque squares, unveiling the stories behind landmarks like the iconic Stone Bridge, the Gothic masterpiece of Regensburg Cathedral, and the historic town hall.  As we walk through the Old Town, you’ll get a sense of the city’s dynamic past and its role in the Holy Roman Empire. After the guided tour, you’ll have some free time to explore Regensburg at your own pace.  Whether you want to indulge in local cuisine at one of the charming cafes or browse the artisan shops and boutiques for souvenirs, Regensburg’s Old Town offers plenty of opportunities to soak up its unique atmosphere.  Don’t forget to try some of the local sausages and a refreshing beer.

*This tour is only available in April and October itineraries. During the summer months, we will do a 5 Country Driving Tour to Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Lichtenstein, and Germany. 

5 Country Driving Tour

Wednesday (May - September Only)

0630 - 0700 Breakfast at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort
0700 Depart for an all day 5 Country Tour
2000 - 2200 Dinner at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort*

Embark on an unforgettable 5 country driving tour, starting from Edelweiss and traversing through Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.  This thrilling journey promises a diverse blend of landscapes, cultures, and experiences. The scenic drive through the Bavarian and Tyrolean landscapes is an experience in itself. As we cross into Austria, you’ll be mesmerized by the stunning alpine vistas and rolling green hills.  We will then make our way to the striking Reschensee in Italy, famous for its submerged church tower, a poignant symbol of the past.  Take a leisurely walk along the lake and absorb the beauty and history of the area.  We then journey through Switzerland driving over a Swiss mountain pass that offers breathtaking vistas of pristine alpine landscapes. Our Swiss lunch stop offers a chance to relish authentic Swiss cuisine against the backdrop of the snow-capped mountains.  You’ll have time to stretch your legs and capture some memorable photos.  Leaving Switzerland behind, we’ll head towards Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein.  You’ll drive through more picturesque alpine landscapes as we enter this tiny, but fascinating country.  In Vaduz, you’ll have free time to explore the city, visit the Vaduz Castle, or simply relax in a cozy café while savoring the Alpine views. We will then make our way back to Garmisch, providing time for reflection on the diverse experiences and landscapes encountered during this epic 5 country tour.

* This tour will not be available in April and October due to snow and mountain pass closures. We will visit Regensburg and Weltenberg Monestary.

Highline 179 and Ehrenberg Castle


0600 – 0900 Breakfast at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort
1000 Depart for Highline 179  
1600 Arrive back to Edelweiss Lodge and Resort    

Prepare for an exciting day trip from Garmisch that combines adventure and history as we explore Highline 179, one of the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge, and offer the option to visit the Knights Museum at the visitor’s center for those who prefer a different kind of experience.  For the adventurous souls, the highlight of the day is a walk across Highline 179.  Traverse the suspension bridge, suspended high above the valley, for a thrilling experience and unparalleled vistas.  You’ll witness the impressive bridge stretching across the Ehrenberg Castle Ruins and Fort Claudia Ruins.  The Highline 179 spans an incredible 1,318 feet and offers breathtaking panoramic views of the rugged terrain and surrounding mountains.  After the bridge walk or museum, we will break for lunch.  You can savor traditional Austrian dishes at a local restaurant or enjoy a picnic amidst the stunning Alpine scenery.

Salzburg Austria


0630 - 0700 Breakfast at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort
0700 Depart for Salzburg
2000 Return to Edelweiss Lodge and Resort

Salzburg, or “Salt Fortress” is a city of wondrous music, architecture and history. It is the birthplace of Mozart, arguably the most influential music composer of all time. It is the setting of the renowned musical “The Sound of Music,” where the von Trapp family lived and escaped the wraths of the Nazi Regime. Your tour will take you into one of the best-preserved old towns in Europe, where you can view baroque buildings dating back to the Middle Ages and maybe grab a taste of a classic Austrian sachertorte.

Free Day


0630 - 1000 Breakfast at Edelweiss Resort
1730 - 2000 Farewell Dinner at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort

The day is yours! See you in the evening for a beautiful meal and evening laughing over stories you experienced through the week.

Some activities you may enjoy during the day include:

• The beautiful Partnach Gorge
• Olympic Ski Jump Stadium
• A stroll through the Marienplatz / Christmas Market
• Drinking traditional Gluhwein
• Shopping in downtown Garmisch
• A dip in our outdoor hot tub
• A bite in a Bavarian café
• Taking a train to a nearby town
• Riding a cable car to the top of Germany - the Zugspitze
• Receiving a relaxing massage from our Wellness club

Departure Day


0430 - 0500 Check Out / Continental Breakfast at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort
0530 Depart for Munich International Airport

Thank you for choosing to visit Edelweiss Lodge and Resort for your special Retiree vacation. The private coach bus will depart Edelweiss Lodge and Resort at 0500 hrs. It is about 2 hours to the airport under normal traffic conditions. 

Auf Wiedersehen!

Package Price

$4,395 double occupancy 
$3,195 single occupancy

European Escapes Packages includes:

• Bus transportation to and from Munich International Airport (set times)
• Hotel accommodations at Edelweiss Resort with alpine view rooms
• Guided tours with entry tickets included
• Daily breakfast buffet at Market Station restaurant
• Special arrival and farewell receptions

Additional information
• Package does not include airfare.
• The itinerary is subject to changes. 
• Substituting guided tours is not possible. 
• Eligible guests can sponsor non-military ID cardholders (up to 4)
• Package prices are based upon two adults in a standard room.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the price cover?

The price includes ten nights in a standard room at the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort. 
$4,395 double occupancy and $3,195 single occupancy

Additionally, the price includes:

• Transportation from Munich International Airport to Garmisch via private coach bus
• Welcome Reception on the day of your arrival
• Breakfast at Market Station each morning
• Special European Escapes tours given by professional guides with transportation
• Farewell Dinner the day before your departure
• Transportation from Garmisch to Munich International Airport via private coach bus

Are retired civilians eligible to stay?
Unfortunately, retired civilians are no longer eligible to access the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort installation. You would need to be sponsored by an eligible retiree with a military ID to access the resort. 

I have a retired military ID, can I access the installation?
Those with a valid military ID can access the installation. However, you need to ensure it is not expired or will not expire for the duration of your visit. There are restrictions for using the base facilities like post office, PX and commissary. Please see below. 

Are there vaccine requirements to enter Germany?
No proof of vaccination is required to enter Germany. It is your responsibility to review the health ministry website for up-to-date regulations. 

Does Germany require a VISA to enter the country?
The new European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) has been delayed. Starting in mid-2025, some 1.4 billion people from over 60 visa-exempt countries are required to have a travel authorization to enter most European countries.

When will my deposit be charged?
A 50% deposit will be required at the time of booking. If canceled within 60 days of arrival day, you will forfeit the full amount of your deposit. 

What is the cancellation policy?
Our cancellation policy for European Escapes differs from our normal hotel stay policy to ensure maximum participation in the program. A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking, with the remaining 50% being charged upon arrival. The deposit is refundable if the reservation is canceled more than 60 days prior to arrival. Cancellations that occur within 60 days will result in the loss of the deposit. We suggest you purchase travel insurance. In the event we are forced to close due to government restrictions, you will receive a full refund. 

Are Edelweiss Lodge and Resort tours physically demanding?
Part of the charm of Europe is in its walking districts which are not accessible by car. Please note that most tours require moderate walking. Tour guides set a pace for everyone in the group to enjoy the sites. One in particular, Neuschwanstein Castle sits atop a steep hill but horse-drawn carriages are available for hire and are popular. Walking tours often involve exploring historic locations with cobblestone streets. To enjoy such tours, it's essential for people to be able to walk at least a mile throughout the course of a day on these uneven surfaces. Cobblestone streets can be more physically demanding than smooth, flat surfaces. Walking a mile may not seem like much, but the irregular terrain can make it more tiring. Having the endurance to cover this distance comfortably is essential for enjoying a full day of sightseeing.

What are the accommodations? May I upgrade?
European Escapes accommodations are a standard room with two queen beds. No upgrades are available. 

How many rooms may be reserved?
You can reserve as many rooms as you like for non-military ID cardholders. Sponsors can reserve up to 4 non-ID cardholders. 

How old must the guest be?
Guests of the sponsors must be at least 18 years old.

When does the shuttle run to the airport?
The airport shuttle is only available on the designated arrival and departure days.

Arrival: MUC to Edelweiss Lodge and Resort at 1200 hrs
Departure: Edelweiss Lodge and Resort to MUC at 0530 hrs

Can I book additional days or tours?
Absolutely, additional days or tours may be booked through Vacation Planning. There are free days scheduled during the package for this very reason. 

What is the voltage at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort?
All electronic outlets in the hotel are 220 volts. If your appliance is dual-voltage then only an adapter will be needed to make the plug fit. 

Can I exchange currency at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort?

Currency exchange is not available at the resort. However, it may be done at the Munich airport. We do have an ATM that distributes Euro and US dollars in the main lobby. 

Are there ATM’s at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort?
Two ATM’s in the main lobby of Edelweiss Lodge and Resort dispense both USD and Euro, but you must have a PIN number with your card.

What currency can I use at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort?
Both USD and Euro are accepted at Edelweiss. However, if you pay in Euro, your change is given back in dollars.

What currency is accepted in town?
Only Euro currency is accepted in town. They do accept credit cards, however, it is possible they will not accept the card. 

Does the Edelweiss Resort offer laundry service?
There are washing machines and dryers located at the Edelweiss Lodge. Supplies are available for purchase on-site.

Are retiree ID card holders eligible to use the AAFES exchange and post office?
Due to international agreements, the use of the Commissary, Community Bank and PX/BX are limited to personnel assigned to US Forces in Europe and NATO ID card holders who have this privilege. This includes rationed items such as gas coupons. Be aware that gas prices are considerably higher compared to US standards. Military Post Offices may be used only be retirees who reside in Germany for over 30 days and who have Box R privileges with restrictions. Alpine Adventures is located in Edelweiss Lodge and Resort and has an excellent array of Bavarian items, t-shirts and other souvenirs.

Is there a place to rent a car in Garmisch or Munich Airport?
You may reserve a car while staying at the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort.

• Europcar 011-49-(0)180-58000 Munich International Airport
• Sixt Rental Car (on base at the Exchange) +49 8821 9099630

To get to the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort using a GPS navigation systems use the address : 17 Gernackerstrasse, 82467 Garmisch

What if I need medical care?
We suggest you read through the Tricare overseas website to be familiar with your coverage. Garmisch has very good medical facilities if required. 



When will we get a detailed itinerary?
Detailed itineraries will be sent at least one month in advance once you are confirmed on the tour. 

Additional Information

• The European Escapes package does not include dinner or airfare in the total price.
• The itinerary is subject to small changes. A finalized schedule will be provided to you upon arrival.
• Substituting guided tours is not possible. 
• All retirees and their guests are eligible to participate in the European Escapes packages.
• Package prices are based upon two adults in a standard room. Retiree ID Card holders may sponsor up to 4 guests per ID card. You can sponsor additional rooms for non-ID card holders. 
• You will receive an e-mail confirmation from our Vacation Planning Center once you make your reservation. We will take a 50% deposit at the time of booking. If you cancel within 60 days you will forfeit the full amount of the package. 

About Edelweiss Lodge and Resort

Resting at the foot of the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain, Edelweiss Lodge and Resort is a resort destination designed for eligible military personnel and their families. With 256 rooms and suites, we have comfortable spaces and mountain views for retirees and their families. 

When the tours are over, we have amenities focused on your relaxation. Head to the hot tub to soak away any stress. Take a refreshing swim and lay back in the water jets to soothe your sore muscles. 

We also have restaurants for every taste. Hang out at Zuggy's Base Camp and watch some sports and enjoy a pizza. Or start your morning with a delicious American buffet and a chef-prepared omelet in Market Station. 

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