Edelweiss Lodge and Resort
Edelweiss Lodge and Resort

Getting Here

Thousands of Miles from Ordinary

Edelweiss Lodge and Resort is located just 79 miles from Munich Airport and only 63 miles to Innsbruck. Garmisch-Partenkirchen is centrally located in Europe and is easily reachable by autobahn, train or bus. 

Driving From Reutte or Fernpass
  • Take a right at the third light in Garmisch. Follow the American Flag / Edelweiss Resort sign.
  • Pass the first military entrance on the right (George C. Marshall Center), Edelweiss Lodge and Resort is the second entrance on the right 100m further down.
  • Vacation Village Guests Entering Garmisch on Zugspitzstrasse: Take a left on the second light. Cross the bridge, and the entrance is on the left.

Driving from Munich
  • Take B2R/ E54 and B2/ E533 to A95 (Autobahn).
  • The Autobahn will end and turn into Highway 2 through Oberau.
  • Follow signs to Garmisch-Partenkirchen through the Farchant tunnel.
  • Take Highway 23 to the right in the direction of Garmisch, Grainau, Fernpass, Reutte. Look for the American Flag / Edelweiss Resort sign to guide you through town.
  • Stay on the priority road through all traffic lights. Direction Fernpass, Reutte. Follow the American Flag / Edelweiss Resort sign through town.
  • Continue straight. You'll pass an ESSO Station on your right and a traffic light.
  • At the next light, turn left onto Gernackerstr. Follow the American Flag / Edelweiss Resort sign guiding you to the left.

Driving from Innsbruck or Italy
  • Highway 2 direction Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
  • Pass the Shell gas station on the right. Go to the third traffic light and turn left, this is Bahnhofstr. Follow the American Flag / Edelweiss Resort sign directing you left.
  • Continue on the priority road under the train track overpass and through town.
  • At the end of the road turn right and the entrance is on the immediate left. (Vacation Village guests continue straight pass the Edelweiss Resort entrance on Gernackerstrasse.)
  • Take a left at the light and then a right at the next light. The entrance is over the bridge on the left.​​​​

From Munich Airport Via Bus

For long distance travel by bus:

Another option to get from Munich Airport is taking FlixBus. Thanks to a user-friendly booking system, FlixBus is a reliable, time-efficient solution to getting to Garmisch. Flixbus connects Munich Airport with numerous locations in Germany. The bus stops for long-distance buses at Munich Airport are available from Terminal 2 at bus stops 21 and 22. Reservations are required and are very affordable.

From Munich Airport By Train

As you exit the baggage claim area in the airport, you will need to look for a sign with a solid green circle with a white "S" in it. This is the sign directing you to the S-Bahn (subway). The sign will lead you to the station in the airport that is located in Terminal C. Continue to follow the signs until you reach the Deutsch Bahn (DB) train counter to obtain a ticket to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The train counter will be able to print up an itinerary which tells you which train to catch, where and when it leaves. You will board the subway downstairs. After 40 minutes on the train, pay attention to a changeover at Pasing. Exit the train. The connection time can sometimes be very tight. If it is a tight connection, make sure to ask the counter the track number (gleis) for your train to Garmisch. Once you have made the switch in Pasing (or another stop as specified by the itinerary), you can sit and enjoy the scenery, as you have a one hour and 15 minute ride ahead of you. The train will stop directly in Garmisch.

Taxi Services

The Front Desk can assist with a taxi cab or shuttle service to the airport. Reservations should be made well in advance. Taxis will either drop you off at the front entrance or back gate depending on your request. Taxis cars often have to be checked for force protection. Taxis are also available at the train station should you arrive by train. They know where Edelweiss Lodge and Resort is....

To call a Taxi from your room: 9+2408

To call a Taxi from your cell phone : 08821-2408

Edelweiss Lodge and Resort


Edelweiss Lodge and Resort
St. Martin Strasse 120
82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

If you’re using GPS navigation, it might be necessary to use the street address Gernackerstrasse 17 instead.

Hausberg Sport Lodge
7 am Hausberg
82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen