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Before seeking a reservation at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, please review the following list of eligible personnel. The following list is based on Army in Europe Regulation 600-700. All content within the referenced regulation and this website is based on Commanding General, United States Army, Europe authority.

*For a complete eligibility listing, see AE Regulation 600-700. The AE Regulation 600-700 takes precedence in an event there is a conflict with this listing.

  1. U.S. military personnel on Active Duty (AD) when assigned to or on temporary duty (TDY) in Germany.
  2. U.S. National Guard and Reserve Component (RC) personnel on AD in or TDY to Germany.
  3. Persons attending a U.S. military academy while assigned to perform duty in Germany.
  4. Family members of AD U.S. military personnel assigned to or on TDY in Germany who possess a Department of Defense (DOD) Identification Card.
  5. DOD appropriated fund/non-appropriated fund (APF/NAF) civilian employees working full time in Germany and their Family members (with DOD Identification Card) that reside in the same household. This category includes those employees who are on TDY in Germany as well as APF/NAF seasonal employees at the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort for the actual period of their employment.
  6. U.S. military personnel and DOD APF/NAF civilian employees assigned to non-Germany locations in Europe or North Africa, and their accompanying dependent Family members, while on leave in Germany.
  7. U.S. RC personnel assigned or attached to a troop program unit in Germany when performing battle assemblies (formerly inactive duty training), rescheduled training, or equivalent training while in individual mobilization augmentation status or any other duty status under Title 10 of the United States Code.
  8. DOD contractor personnel that have been accredited with SOFA status as TE/AS/TC or TC-IT personnel as specified in AE Regulation 600-700, Chapter 7, Section I.
  9. U.S. and other NATO-country citizens (excluding German nationals) employed exclusively by military banking and educational institutions with limited SOFA status who are compensated in U.S. dollars and not ordinarily resident in the host nation as specified in AE Regulation 600-700, Chapter 7, Section III, and their accompanying Family members.
  10. Members of Household of authorized personnel, as defined in AE Regulation 600-700, Chapter 8.
  11. American Red Cross personnel who are stationed in Germany, as specified in AE Regulation 600-700, Chapter 9.
  12. United Service Organization and United Seamen’s Service personnel who are stationed in Germany, as specified in AE Regulation 600-700, Chapter 10.
  13. Unaccompanied Family members who reside in Germany and either possess a DOD identification card that authorize them to receive individual logistical support in Germany or a Zollbescheinigung (pink card) that authorize them to use U.S. Forces sales facilities in Germany, as specified in AE Regulation 600-700, Chapter 11.
  14. Retired U.S. military personnel, and veterans who are 100 percent disabled, and their accompanying eligible Family members who either reside in Germany or who visit Germany for more than thirty (30) consecutive days and who have obtained a Zollbescheinigung (pink card) from a German Customs office.
  15. NATO military and civilian personnel (excluding German nationals) assigned to NATO International Military Headquarters and their eligible Family members, as specified in AE Regulation 600-700, Chapter 17.
  16. Military personnel or members of the civilian component and their eligible family members who are from Belgium, Canada, France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom and who are assigned to (or on TDY in) Germany (to include those who are performing liaison functions with AFRICOM, EUCOM, USAREUR, or USAFE).
  17. Bona Fide guests who are invited by and accompany an authorized patron.

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Installation Access For NON-ID Card Holders

All guests making reservations for a stay at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort should complete an AEF 190-16F for any of their group which do not have a DoD CAC or USAREUR/USAFE installation pass in IACS. 

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