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Dear Valued Edelweiss Resort Guests,

It is with immense pride and gratitude that I extend a warm and heartfelt welcome to you on behalf of the entire Edelweiss Lodge and Resort team. We are honored to have you as our guests, and we recognize the tremendous sacrifices you and your families make every day to protect and preserve our cherished freedoms. Your dedication to the United States of America does not go unnoticed, and we are privileged to have the opportunity to serve you during your conference or well-deserved vacation.

As the General Manager of Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, I want to express our deepest appreciation for your unwavering commitment to safeguarding our nation. Your sacrifices, courage, and devotion to duty inspire us all, and it is our mission to ensure that you and your loved ones have an unforgettable experience here in the heart of the Bavarian Alps.

Our dedicated staff members are ready and eager to provide you with a vacation experience of a lifetime. From the moment you arrive until the time you bid us farewell, our team is committed to exceeding your expectations, ensuring your comfort, and creating lasting memories.

We are confident that you will find this directory an invaluable resource, providing insights into the myriad opportunities available for you to explore and enjoy in the breathtaking Bavarian Alps. Whether you choose to immerse yourself in the rich local culture, embark on outdoor adventures, or simply relax and unwind, we are here to help you make the most of your stay.

At the conclusion of your visit, we will send you a survey via email to gather your valuable feedback. Your input is essential to us, as it guides our efforts to continually improve and enhance the level of service we provide. Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

Enjoy your stay, 

Brian P. Borda
General Manager, Edelweiss Lodge and Resort


Brian Borda
General Manager
Edelweiss Lodge and Resort
68° clear sky
Tuesday, 25 June

Join us at one of our restaurants during your stay for great food in a relaxed atmosphere. We serve locally baked bread, locally brewed beer, fresh roasted coffee and cook with herbs fresh from our garden. 

Pullman Cafe - see schedule here
Daily: 0700 - 2200


Phone number Ext. (From hotel) 4221

Market Station - see schedule here
Breakfast Buffet:
Monday—Friday from 0630 to 1000
Saturday—Sunday from 0630 to 1030
Adults $14.50 // Children (ages 5-11) $6.50 // 4 and under Free

Lunch Buffet: 
Monday—Friday from 1130 to 1300
Saturday—Sunday from 1200 to 1300
Adults $15.50 // Children (ages 5-11) $7.50 // 4 and under Free

Dinner Buffet: 
1700 - 2000
Adults $19.50 // Children (ages 5-11) $8.50 // 4 and under Free

Phone number Ext. (From hotel) 4224

Zuggy's Base Camp - see schedule here
Monday - Wednesday: 1700 - 2100 hours
Thursday - Sunday: 1700 - 2300 hours

Table Reservations

*For groups larger than 8, please ensure you make a table reservation in advance.


Phone number Ext. (From hotel) 4230

Point Wellness Club

Point Fitness Center

Located in the Lower Lobby. Fitness center is open 24 hours daily. Use your room key to enter the fitness center outside of point wellness desk hours. Massage therapy sessions also available during the times below.

Bike & Mini Golf Rental Hours:
Daily 0800 - 2200

Pool Hours:
Monday - Friday 1200 - 2200
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 0800 - 2200

Hot Tub Hours:
Daily 0800 - 2200
Adults only in the hot tub: 2030 - 2200

For guests staying in another hotel or Marshall Center Lodging, there is a daily fee. Adult $10 / Youth $5

Take a Dip
Phone Numbers

From the hotel dial
Operator, Front Desk 0
Conference Office 4244
Housekeeping 0  
Vacation Planning Center 89221            
Wake-up calls 0            

Market Station 4221
Pullman Cáfe 4224              
Zuggy's Base Camp  4230

Alpine Adventures 4142
Hausberg Lodge 4581
Point Wellness Club 4150

Taxi 9+2408
Please specify front or back gate for pickup.

WIFI Assistance
Troubles connecting to the Edelweiss_Guest WIFI? Then please call 0 800 0002515 and a technician will support you. 

WIFI Network : Edelweiss_Guest
Password : Edelweiss

Fax Services
Available at ACS on the Artillery Kaserne.

Telephone Charges
The charge for outside phone calls is 40¢ per minute. Please note that 1-800 numbers are not free of charge overseas. All phone numbers preceded by 9+ will be directly billed to your room.

Calling within the Resort
Dial the room number, or page through the options screen on your phone and press the grey button corresponding to the desired department.

Calling outside of the Resort
Dial 9 for an outside line; then dial the number. For calls outside the Garmisch area code (08821) dial the city area code (ex: Munich - 089) and the desired number.

Direct calling to the United States
Non-toll-free calling dial: 9 - 001 - area code - number. note: 1-800 numbers called from outside the US are not toll-free; international direct dial rates will be charged.

Direct calling to the United States with AT&T toll-free
Requires an AT&T calling card available at Alpine Adventures. Push the grey button next to the AT&T option on your screen or dial: 9 - 0800-2255-288.

Collect Calls
Collect calls are not available through the hotel phones. If you choose to call direct, international direct dial rates will be charged.

To Receive Calls in your Room
When calling from Germany, the caller would dial the Garmisch prefix, 08821, then 944 + your room number. From the United States, the caller would dial 011 - 49 - 8821 - 944 - your room number. (49 = country code; 8821 = city code, 0 is dropped from the city code.)

Voicemail and Messages
A red light on your phone indicates that you have a voicemail or a message at the front desk. Please check your voicemail by selecting the grey button next to the voicemail option on your screen. To check messages with the front desk, dial “0.”


Need a break from it all. Take a relaxing massage from one of our therapist. We suggest coming down to the Point Wellness Club to inquire about our massage availability. Spa treatments are subject to limited availability. It’s a good idea to schedule your treatments before you arrive, to ensure you get the access you’re after. Get started by filling out a spa treatment request form.

Massages available daily with prior scheduling 0800 - 2200.

Book a Massage
Taxi and Transportation

NEW! Airport Shuttle Service
Door-to-door service provided by our Alpine Adventures team. Start or end your trip with a convenient transfer to or from the airport. 

• Munich (MUC) airport to or from Edelweiss Resort is $250 one way for up to 4 passengers. $25 extra per passenger (5 - 8 persons).

Click here for request your airport transfer. 

Taxi and Shuttle Services
The Front Desk can assist with a taxi cab or shuttle service to the airport. Reservations should be made well in advance. Taxis will either drop you off at the front entrance or back gate depending on your request. Taxis cars often have to be checked for force protection.
To call a Taxi from your room: 9+2408

Bus Service
The Garmisch bus runs approximately every 20 minutes during the day on weekdays, and approximately every 40 minutes on evenings and weekends. Visit Alpine Adventures for additional information. For long-distance travel, please visit FlixBus.com.

Rental Car

located on St. Martinstraße:
CIV:     9+93-4242

located on St. Martinstraße:
CIV:    9+943-083

Train Services
Trains to and from Garmisch run frequently seven days a week. This convenient form of transportation grants you access to all of Bavaria, Munich and much more. Please visit the Front Desk for further information concerning train service travel. Click here for train information. 

Travel by Flixbus
You can book bus transportation on flixbus.de. This bus departs from the Garmisch Train Station and Munich International Airport, with a brief stop in Munich both ways.

Electric Vehicle Charging
Edelweiss Resort does not provide electric vehicle charging at this time. You can visit the Charge Finder website to locate one of the twenty stations in Garmisch.


Accommodations Upgrade
Why not treat yourself to an upgraded room? Arrange an upgrade to one of our suites by contacting the Front Desk. Suite room rates will apply. (Based on availability)

Check-In / Check-Out / Express Check-Out
• Check-in begins at 1600 hrs
• Check-out is by 1100 hrs
• Cabin check-out is by 1000 hrs
• Dog Rooms check-out is by 1100 hrs
• For express check-out, please sign the form at the express check-out box at the Front Desk. Penalties may apply for late check-out.

Comment Cards
How was your stay? Please let us know how we are doing! For your convenience, an electronic survey will be e-mailed to you shortly after your departure. Complete the survey and be entered to win a five-night stay at an AFRC Resort of your choice! 

DSN Phone Services
To make a EUCOM DSN call from your room, use the grey DSN button. To make a DSN call outside of Europe, please contact the front desk for a control number. DSN Operator: 440 - 1110

Do Not Disturb Policy
If you do not wish to be disturbed, please insert the 'Do Not Disturb' card into the
exterior key hole of your room door. If the card is in the door past 1200 hours, we will not service your room. 

Electrical Outlets
Rooms are only equipped with 220v outlets. Dual voltage appliances will work with a simple adapter. Alpine Adventures has adapters for sale. Fire code prohibits cooking of any kind and all cooking appliances in guest rooms, patios and balconies.

Extend Your Stay
Please inquire at the Front Desk.

Front Desk
The Front Desk provides various services and information on a 24-hour basis.
Dial EXT 0 on your room phone. 

Daily housekeeping is available until 1600 hours. For special services (extra towels, pillows, blankets, etc.) please contact the Front Desk. Decaf coffee for the coffee machine is available at the Front Desk.

To save Earth's valuable resources, please insert the 'Please do not service my room' green card into the exterior keyhole of your room door. 

Ice and Vending Machines
Ice and Vending machines are located on the 2nd and 3rd floor in the main corridor. Visit Alpine Adventures for convenience items like toothpaste, etc.

Lost and Found
Please visit the Front Desk or fill out a lost and found form. Click here > 

Military Fitness Run
A route map and reflective vests are available at the Front Desk.

Maintenance / Repairs
Please contact Front Desk at EXT 0

Phone Services
The charge for outside phone calls is 40¢ per minute. Please note that 1-800 numbers are not free of charge overseas. All phone numbers preceded by 9+ will be directly billed to your room.

For future reservations, please contact the Vacation Planning Center 
Monday - Friday 0800 - 1700hrs at (49) 08821-9440, or book online here

For a listing of AFN and German channels, please see the list in your room. It is also displayed on the In Room digital channel and the full list is below: In Room Television Channel Guide.

Each room contains a safe in the wall closet. Please secure all valuables. If you require assistance with your safe, please call security at EXT 4301. Upon departure, please leave your safe door OPEN.

A red blinking light on your phone indicates that you have a voicemail. Retrieve voicemail by selecting the grey button.

Wake Up calls
Please dial EXT 0 from your room phone.

Wireless Internet
Complimentary wireless internet is available. Connect to the "Edelweiss_Guest" from the Wi-Fi network list. The password is "Edelweiss". You will be required to reconnect once everyday. If you are experiencing problems, you can troubleshoot the Wi-Fi connection here. 

Back Pedestrian Gate
Open daily 0600 - 2200hrs. 
During federal holiday weekends, the back gate might be open later. 

Guided Tours

Edelweiss Lodge and Resort is just 56 miles from Munich and 34 miles from Innsbruck. Take a tour with our experienced guides to learn about the history of this fascinating area. Our Alpine Adventures staff have put together an incredible mix of tours that capture the culture, scenery and history of the area. You could spend over a week here and never go on the same tour. Our English-speaking tour guides get you to all the can’t-miss spots. 

Click here to see our Vacation Guide full of vacation ideas, guided tours, skiing, snowboarding and more! 

See it all!
Resort Activities

Credit Cards
All major credit cards are accepted. It is advised to sign your charges to your room and do one charge at check out.

Expeditions Casino
Find the casino excitement located in the lower lobby. Adults can enjoy an array of slot machines 24/7. Must be 18 years old to enter the casino.

Free DVD & Book Usage Program
Feel free to borrow from our collection of DVDs and Books located on the first floor in the Media Center near Room 1051. 

Internet Services
Complimentary internet stations are located on the first floor in the Media Center near room 1051. Printer and CAC capabilities are available. 

Laundry Machines
Coin-operated machines are located in the lower lobby. Change machine and laundry detergent is available to purchase.

Mail Services
All guests can utilize the mail dropbox, located in the main lobby near the front entrance. Postage can be purchased at Alpine Adventures. We do not mail packages. We cannot accept packages mailed to Edelweiss Lodge and Resort for force protection reasons. 

Unfortunately, the Stars and Stripes have stopped distribution to Garmisch.  

Parking Spaces
Parking is available in either the above ground parking lot or underground parking garage. Please do not park in the main entrance circle. Numbered parking spaces in our underground parking garage do not correspond with your room number. 

Daily weather information can be found on the digital screens located around the resort. Please be prepared for changing weather conditions. Click here for weather. 

Garmisch Community Services

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Contact Army Community Service for weekly schedule. 

Army Community Service
Bldg 203
For all your on-post and local area information and referral needs.
DSN: 440 - 3777
CIV: 9+750-3777

Service Credit Union and Community Bank (for US Card holders only).
Both Service Credit Union and Community Bank offer ATM services in the main lobby of Edelweiss Resort.

Service Credit Union: Bldg 9901
DSN:        440 - 3373 
CIV:          9+730-3600
Tuesday - Saturday 0900 - 1700hrs

Community Bank: Bldg 212
DSN:        440 - 3619
CIV:          9+93-430
Monday - Friday 0900 - 1600hrs

Check Cashing
Available at banking facilities on base. 

Commissary, Exchange Shopping Center
Limited to authorized users only.
DSN:     440 - 3587
CIV:      9+90-8997

Community Center, Pete Burke, Bldg 725
Offers educational, cultural, recreational, and social programs and activities.
DSN: 440 - 2467 
CIV: 9+750-2467

Gasoline / Fuel 
Bldg 218
There is an Exchange gas station located on the Artillery Kaserne. However, it does not offer diesel fuel. An Esso gas station is located on Zugspitstraße. To reach the Esso, leave the resort and take a left. At the first light take a right. The gas station is located on your left just after the next stoplight.

Exchange Gas Station:
CIV:         9+909-838

Gas Station Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday 1030 - 1730
26 June 1030 - 1700
27 June 1030 - 1730

ID Cards & Passports
Bldg 203 
DSN:       440 - 3737
CIV:        9+750-3737

Installation Access Control Office
Bldg 203
DSN:      440 - 3558
CIV:       9+750-3558

Bldg 725
DSN:     440 - 2467
CIV:      9+750-2467

Military & Family Life Consultant
Bldg 203
Completely confidential, a licensed professional is available to assist with short-term concerns in the areas of family, separations, anger, stress, financial, and marital issues.

Consultant Cell:     +49 (0) 151-419-96390
DSN:      440 - 3755

email: summersk@magellanfederal.com

Post Office (APO)
Bldg 251
Outgoing:  DSN: 440 - 3713
CIV: 9+750-3713
Pick-Up:      DSN: 440 - 3535
CIV: 9+750-3535
Internal mail service is available, see Mail Services.
Website ​​​

SHARP 24/7 Garmisch Hotlines
DSN: 314-569-4567
CIV: 49 (0) 9641-70-569-4567

The Exchange Facilities
Bldg 204
Limited to authorized users only.
DSN:    440 - 3455
CIV:    9+966-7414
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 1030 - 1800

Bldg 212
Limited to authorized users only.
DSN:    440 - 3587
CIV:    9+750-3587
Hours: Sunday 1100 - 1800, Tuesday (Self-checkout ONLY) 1100 -1800, Wednesday - Saturday 1100 - 1900

Thrift Shop
Bldg 212
DSN:    440 - 3552
CIV:       9+750-3552

Mueller Fitness Center
Bldg 119  
DSN:      440 - 2747
CIV:       9+750-2747

Pedestrian Back Gate Hours
Daily 0600 - 2200hrs. During federal holiday weekends, the back gate might be open later. 

Religious Services
Bldg 127
Reached on foot by exiting the Resort via the pedestrian exit at the back of the main lobby and turn right. The Post Chapel is on the right.
DSN:    440 - 2540
CIV:    9+750-2540

VAT Tax Office
Bldg 203
DSN:    440 - 3711
CIV:    9+750-3711

Bike Rental

Our new E-bikes are simply a great time to ride without the lung-busting effort to get a normal bike up the surrounding hills. Bike rental is available at the Point Wellness Club. Ask us about what bike trails might work best for you and your family. 

Let's Cruise

For security-related issues please call Edelweiss Resort Security at EXT 4301.
Telephone 08821-944-4301

Emergency Facilities
There are no American Medical facilities.
Klinikum Garmisch (clinic)
CIV: 9+770
Unfall Krankenhaus Murnau (hospital)
CIV: 9+08841+480

First Aid
In the event of an emergency, please dial EXT 0 or EXT 4301 and the Front Desk will assist in locating the appropriate medical services.

SARC - Sexual Assault Response Coordinator 
Available 24/7    
Cell:    9+0162-265-2875
CIV:     +49 (0) 9641-83-4567

You should only seek medical care if you need urgent or emergency medical attention. If you need urgent care, you may contact International SOS for assistance. 
International SOS: 00-44-20-876-28384 (local)
0800-589-1599 (toll free)

ELR Tri-Care

Souvenir Store

Looking for a unique souvenir or the perfect gift to treasure your time spent at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort? We've got you covered with some of the most popular Alpine Adventures souvenirs.


Length: 2-3 hours / Difficulty: Easy - Medium / Take a short hike from Edelweiss Resort to the Riessersee. Here you can enjoy a quiet lakeside stroll soaking in stunning views of the Alpspitze. You can also explore the bobsled track from the 1936 winter Olympic Games. Food and drink are sometimes available.

War Memorial
Length: 1.5-2 hours / Difficulty: Easy - Medium / Take a 45-minute hike from Edelweiss Resort to a German WWII War Memorial. From there you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. If you’re still not tired you can continue hiking towards St. Martin’s Hutte (see below).

St. Martin's Hutte
Length: 4 hours / Difficulty: Medium / Take a 2-hour hike up the Kramerspitz to St. Martin’s Hutte. The path was originally used by Bavarian King Maximilian II as a hunting route. From the hut, you will enjoy a wonderful view of the Garmisch valley as well as the Zugspitze and Wetterstein mountain ranges.  Food and drink are sometimes available.  Cash only.

Length: 1-2 hours / Difficulty: Easy-Medium / Park in a lot past the Florianplatz in Partenkirchen. Follow signs toward the Tannenhutte, a pleasant 45-minute uphill walk mostly through the forest.  Check out the nearby suspension bridge.  Food and drink are sometimes available.  Cash only.

Werdenfels Ruins / Pflegersee
​​​​​Length: 1-2 hours / Difficulty: Easy-Medium / Park at the base of a trailhead next to the Plegersee. Take a short hike to the Werdenfels Castle ruins that date back to the 1300s.

​​​​​​Length: 3-4 hours / Difficulty: Easy-Medium / Drive to the Eibsee and park in any of the pay lots.  Start hiking counter-clock around the lake for immediate breathtaking views.  Food and drink are sometimes available.  Cash only.

Alpental Golf

Hit the links for a little family-friendly competition while on vacation. Head down to the Point Wellness Club to pay your green fees and get your club and ball.

Year-Round Activity - Open during daylight hours

Adults $5
Children (15 and under) $3

Green fee valid for 18 holes. Please return clubs immediately after completing your round. No groups larger than 6 per hole. Children 14 and under need parental supervision (USAREUR Regulation). There is a 10 stroke maximum on each hole. Ball out of bounds is replaced at point of exit with one stroke penalty. No skipping holes. Be careful and watch your step. No running. No foul language. Do not swing putter above the knees. Please return your putter and ball immediately after finishing. No glass bottles. No dogs. 

Friendly Competition
Local Restaurants

Bakeries within walking distance

Cafe Rühl: 08821-56315 / Zugspitzstraße 106
(Tues - Sat 0630 - 1800 / Sun 0730 - 1700)

Garmisch Restaurant Delivery Information 
*No Federal endorsement implied.

Colesseo (Italian): 08821-52809 (Daily 1200 - 1400 and 1700 - 2200)
La Baita (Italian): 08821-78777 (Daily 1130 - 1430 and 1730 - 2200)
Puoro Pizza (Italian):  08821-7321108 (Mon - Fri 1700 - 2200 / Sat & Sun 1600 - 2200)
Pizza Hut (American): 08821-949192 (Daily 1500 - 2130)
Shaka Burger (American): 08821-7540885 (Daily 1100 - 2000)
Bollywood (Indian): 08821-9672196 (Daily 1130 - 1430 and 1700 - 2300)
Taj Mahal (Indian): 08821-9436430 (Daily 1130 - 1430 and 1700 - 2300)

Gondolas / Mountain Lifts

Lift tickets are available at Alpine Adventures for the surrounding mountain cable cars. Go for a beautiful hike, end up at a hut and enjoy the fresh air of the Alps. Below are some of the popular lifts to get you to amazing places. 

• Osterfelderbahn (Alpspitze)
• Kreuzeck

Kids Programs

We know how to provide kids a great time through encouragement, education, exploration and achievement. Bavaria offers an excellent playground of activities for kids to discover the joy of learning a new activity and culture.

Let's Play
Smoking Policy

The Edelweiss Lodge and Resort is a non-smoking facility. In accordance with Army Regulation 600-63, the smoking of tobacco products (to include cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, smokeless tobacco and / or electronic cigarettes, inhaled tobacco and all other tobacco products designed for human consumption) is prohibited in all interior space owned by the executive branch of the Federal Government. Smoking is also not allowed within 50 feet of the building which includes the guest room patios and balconies. There are several designated smoking huts located around the resort. One directly outside of the main lobby to the right, two are located around the left side of the resort on the walking path, near the playground.

E-cigarettes can trigger fire alarms. We strongly suggest you do not leave these in your room unattended while they are charging. You will be responsible for any cost incurred for a false fire alarm should your room be the source of the alarm. No flammable objects are allowed in the Resort to include candles, matches and fireworks.

Fire code prohibits cooking of any kind and all cooking appliances in guest rooms, patios and balconies.

Dog Policy

Dogs are restricted from being in any guest common area which includes the main lobby, restaurants, wellness club and any hallway not directly outside the dedicated dog room corridor. Dogs are required to be on a leash at all times. Dogs and owners must use the separate dog entrance to access guest rooms. Dogs are not permitted on guided tours or Alpine Adventures activities. Dogs are required to be in a dog carrier (cage) if left in room unattended to prevent damage. Please clean up after your dog in the designated outside dog area. A $150 safety deposit will be charged to the guest's account for damage or any disturbance to other guests, which includes but is not limited to excessive barking. 

Dog Rooms
In Room Television Channel Guide

1.              Edelweiss Resort Information
2.              Edelweiss Resort Information
3.              AFN Prime Atlantic
4.              AFN Pulse
5.              AFN Prime Pacific
6.              AFN Spectrum
7.              AFN News
8.              AFN Movie
9.              AFN Sport
10.            AFN Sport 2
11.            BBC World
13.            NHK World Japan
15.            DW
16.            Aljazeera
17.            Sky News
20.            Das Erste
21.            ZDF
22.            BR Fernsehen Süd
23.            SWR RP
24.            NDR FS HH
26.            RTL
27.            Pro Sieben
28.            SAT. 1
29.            Kabel Eins
30.            SIXX
31.            SAT.1 Gold
32.            VOX
33.            NITRO
34.            Tele 5
35.            VOXup
36.            RTLup
37.            ZDF neo
38.            Disney Channel
39.            Super RTL
40.            Toggo Plus
41.            KiKA
42.            RTL2
43.            Pro Sieben Maxx
44.            Comedy Central
45.            Nick Comedy Central +1
47.            Eurosport 1 Deutschland
48.            ARTE
49.            3 Sat
50.            N24 DOKU
51.            ZDF Info
52.            Pheonix
54.            Kabel eins DOKU
55.            NTV
56.            Welt
57.            Toggo Radio
58.            MTV
59.            RTL radio
60.            TLC
61.            DMAX
64.            Klassik Radio
65.            Ego FM
66.            JAM FM


Free Edelweiss WIFI

1) Open up your device's Wi-Fi settings and select "Edelweiss" from the Wi-Fi network list. For many devices, the connection page will launch automatically. If not, launch your web browser and the Edelweiss login page should pop right up. (You may have to refresh the page or open another site to prompt the redirect to the login page. If you are not redirected automatically, go to http://www.wifilauncher.com).

2) Select ‘CONNECT FOR FREE’ Ta-da! You're online. Next time you need to connect, just select the Edelweiss network, launch your browser, and enjoy. Your device should automatically connect to our network.  If not, you may have to follow the steps above again.

Troubleshooting : Sometimes there is a very simple fix if you are experiencing problems. Try these easy steps to get you back online.

1) Confirm your Wi-Fi is turned on and you're connected to the network named "Edelweiss”

2) Try turning your device off and back on again. Rebooting your device will sometimes correct connection problems.  

If you’re still having issues, please contact us toll-free 0 800 0002515 and mention you’re calling from Edelweiss Lodge and Resort.


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