Edelweiss Lodge and Resort
August 23, 2019 11:17am



Installation Access

Please read the information carefully to ensure you and your guest gain access to the installation when you arrive. The authorized guest who made the initial reservation is responsible for submitting and verifying access before you arrive.

Edelweiss Lodge and Resort is located on Sheridan Kaserne and the Edelweiss Resort Vacation Village / Campground is located within walking distance on a seperate installation called the Artillery Kaserne. The Resort is a tenant activity on a USAG Bavaria installation; therefore, Resort guests are subject to USAREUR directives regarding installation access. US Army Garrison Bavaria is responsible for installation access to Edelweiss Lodge and Resort. AE Form 190-16F prescribes the policy, responsibilities and procedures for granting access to U.S. Forces installations in the European theater by using the Installation Access Control System (IACS).

If your DoD ID card is not registered with USAREUR / USAFE installation access control system (IACS) and you do not submit the installation access form AE Form 190 - 16F prior to your arrival, there may be a delay or in some cases you may be denied access to the installations. 

As DoD valid ID cardholder, you may sponsor up to 4 guests. If you have more than 4 guests, the USAG Bavaria PONDS security will contact the Military Police for authorization. Any guests signed on the insallation by a DoD ID card holder must be escorted at all times. All guests signed on must be signed out at the Access Control Point before the pass expiration date. DoD ID card holders under the age of 18 are not authorized to be a sponsor. All non DoD ID cardholders guests will need to have a valid passport to be signed on the installation. It is suggested you submit the installation access form prior to arrival to avoid having to sign on guests during your stay. 

Individuals without a valid CAC, including Embassy personnel and diplomats, British military stationed in Germany, NATO serving at International Military Headquarters Germany or other DoD Identification Card, should be placed on the local Garmisch Community Access Roster. 

Installation Access Request Forms may be submitted no sooner than 30 working days and no later than 5 working days prior to your arrival. All requests must be sent from an official email address such as a .mil, .gov or .deca address. If you do not have an encrypted email address, please follow the below procedure to submit the form through AMRDEC

Any installation access requests and questions should be sent to the below email address:

Submitting Installation Access Roster Form Without An Encrypted Email Address

If you do not have a .mil or .gov encrypted email address, you will be required to submit your access form through a website called DOD SAFE. This allows you to send PII (personable identifiable information) safely. It requires you to upload the completed Installation Access Form, then check your personal email to verify and complete the submission. 

1) Use Google Chrome and go to DOD SAFE (https://safe.apps.mil/) (Do not use Internet Explorer).

2) You should see 5 options. Click on the 'Drop-off' option.

3) On the next screen, add recipients (Name & Email - our website should have IACS information already).

4) Click blue button 'Add Files' and enter a note if needed.

5) Upload the file and click the blue button to 'Drop-off Files' and click OK.

6) You should see a 'Drop-off Completed' message in the top corner of the next screen.

7) If you have any issues uploading or submitting your information on the DOD SAFE page, please contact the Garmisch IACS office directly: usarmy.bavaria.id-europe.list.garmisch-iacs@mail.mil

What to Expect When you Arrive?
When you first arrive at Edelweiss Resort, we recommend you do so through the Edelweiss Resort main gate. This will allow for the verification of authorized access and will provide sign-in capability if necessary. Initial sign-in capability is NOT available at the Edelweiss Resort back gate. This is especially important if you are arriving by taxi or bus.

In order to prevent potential frustration during installation access, upon arrival and throughout your stay, please consider the following:

• Carry two forms of ID. Your DoD ID Card, Passport (preferred) or Valid Picture ID like a drivers licence
• Hotel Confirmation Print Out  

If you do not submit your Installation Access Form at least 5 days prior to arrival and you arrive at Edelweiss Resort during the IACS office open operating hours, USAG Bavaria PONDS security will direct you to that office to register your ID. This may cause some delays in checking in at Edelweiss Resort. If you arrive by taxi, the IACS office is located on a seperate installation called the Sheridan Kaserne. You should proceed directly to IACS within their business hours to prevent further delays if you are not on the IACS roster. 


Individuals with a valid CAC or other DoD Identification Card not registered in the Installation Access Control System (IACS) are required to register with the IACS office located on Artillery Kaserne.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 0900 - 1600 hours (CET)

Phone Numbers:

CIV (011-49 from US only) local 08821-750-3618
DSN: 314-440-3618. 

Located on :

Sheridan Kaserne across from the Edelweiss Resort

Email IACS Office

Access Form

Additional Access Information on army.mil

If you have any comments or concerns regarding installation access, please provide feedback on the Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) site. Please be as specific as possible.