Edelweiss Lodge and Resort
Edelweiss Lodge and Resort

Dog-Friendly Rooms 

Limited rooms are available to bring your little four-legged friend along

There’s no need to board your best friend when you’re on vacation. If you’re a dog lover, you’re in luck. We have a limited number of converted dog rooms available for dog lovers. Feel free to bring your pooch (or up to two) right along with you. Our dog-friendly rooms have a separate entrance and easy access to designated green spaces to curb your dog. For everybody’s comfort, dogs are not allowed in the main lobby, restaurants or other common areas of the resort.

Reservations for dog-friendly rooms must be made in advance through the Vacation Planning Center or by completing the online form below. Room prices are for single or double occupancy. For more than two adults, add $15 per additional adult per night. Children 17 and under stay for free on available bed space.

$25 additional dog fee per room, per night

Dog-friendly rooms, suites, and cabins: dogs count as occupants in the room. Two dog limit in all room types. See below Dog Rules for further explanation. $150 safety deposit will be placed on the room which will be refunded after check out and inspection. 

Available Room Types

Standard Room

Junior Suite 

Deluxe Junior Suite

Loft Suite

Deluxe Loft Suite

Dog-Friendly Rooms

Vacation Cabins


Dog Room Rules and Regulations

There are few rules we need to let you know about to ensure all of our guests enjoy their stay at Edelweiss Resort. 

Dog Room Rules

Dog-Friendly Room Request Form

If you are interested in reserving one of our Dog-Friendly rooms, please complete the reservation request form below. Dogs are only allowed in one of our converted rooms. They are not allowed in any common area of the hotel or normal standard rooms. Our Vacation Planning Staff will get back to you within three business days.

Greenwich Mean Time (UTC)
Greenwich Mean Time (UTC)
Dog Friendly Cabins

We also have dog-friendly cabins for a little extra space, a kitchenette, grill, and bathroom. Don't leave your four legged friend at home, bring them with while on vacation! 

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Dog-Friendly Comfy Cabin

Don't leave your fury friend behind! They deserve a vacation too. Our comfy vacation cabins are a great way to get a change of scenery while bringing the whole family along. Our dog-friendly cabins include : 

• Up to 2 dogs
• Requires a 2-night minimum stay
• Additional dog fee per room, per night
• $150 refundable deposit
• Free access to the Point Wellness Club

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Dog Room Rules

  • No pets other than dogs are permitted.

  • Dogs are not allowed to stay in non-converted rooms.

  • Dogs are not permitted in the main lobby, restaurants or any common area of the hotel (other than the hallway accessing the converted rooms) to ensure non-dog owners’ vacations are not disturbed in any way. There is a separate entrance to dog rooms to facilitate access.

  • Special offers cannot be combined and do not apply to dog-friendly rooms. 

  • Dogs are required to be on a leash at all times.

  • There will be an additional dog fee per room, per night, with a maximum of two dogs allowed in all rooms types: standard rooms, suites and cabins.

  • Guests are responsible for all liability and damage suffered as a result of their dog(s). Edelweiss Lodge and Resort reserves the right to charge guest's account commensurate to the cost of such damages. This may include barking which disturbs other guests. If your dog is barking and the guest is not reachable, we will call the MPs. Please leave your contact number with our front desk. It is suggested you don’t leave your dog(s) unattended at any time.

  • Maximum dog friendly room occupancy includes dogs – 5 occupants per room. 
(ex: standard room fits 2 adults, 2 childs, 1 dog or 2 adults, 1 child, 2 dogs) Dogs count for occupancy in rooms, suites and cabins.

  • Maximum dog friendly cabin occupancy includes dogs – 6 occupants per room. 
(ex: cabin fits 2 ad, 3 ch, 1 dog or 2 ad, 2 ch, 2 dogs) Dogs count for occupancy in rooms, suites and cabins.

  • There is a separate entrance for dogs and dog owners. Do not bring your dog to the main lobby when checking in or anytime during your stay.

  • Dogs are restricted from being in any guest common area. This includes the main lobby, restaurants, Wellness Club and any hallway not directly outside the dedicated dog room corridor. Dogs are not permitted on guided tours or Alpine Adventures activities unless specifically mentioned. 

  • Guests are responsible for bringing their own dog carrier (cage/crate).

  • Dogs are required to be in a dog carrier (cage/crate) if left in the room unattended to prevent any damage to the room.

  • Edelweiss Lodge and Resort housekeepers will not clean a room with a dog present, even if they are in the dog carrier (cage/crate). It is suggested the guests contact the front desk to inform them when they will be out if they require service to their room. The front desk will relay that information to the housekeeping department. Please use the door hanger to inform our staff when a dog is in the room or if you are out with your dog(s). Rooms will not be serviced after 12 noon.

  • Guests are responsible for cleaning up after their dog(s) on hotel property and should use the designated dog area adjacent to the dog entrance.

  • Do not feed dog(s) outside, to prevent attracting wild animals.

  • Guests could be asked to depart if your dog is disturbing other guests.

  • Dog owners will be required to sign a waiver upon check-in.

  • Dog room reservations have a departure time of 10 a.m.

  • Guide dogs and service dogs are not subject to these policies.