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March 31, 2020 3:48pm


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Our meeting packages also include flexible spaces that allow for multiple floor configurations, from small groups to large banquets, with acoustic absorbing walls for private and secure meetings. Importantly, the facility was designed to accommodate safe, secure and classified meetings, all in a relaxed setting for you and your attendees.

Complete meeting packages come standard with technically superior features like a remote-controlled lighting system, BOSE conference PA sound systems and drop-down ceiling projectors. They’re all exceptional tools for a single speaker or a rock-n-roll band. It’s not that you’re going to rock out, we’re just saying you could if you wanted to.

We can build in all of your dining and diversions, too. With our complete meeting packages, the bidding process is fast and easy. Priced at or below per diem, they will help you realize your organizational goals.


Inclusive packages include:

  • Hotel room
  • Conference meeting space
  • Full meal plan
  • Dedicated conference coordinators
  • Audio / visual equipment
  • Coffee breaks
  • Set up / clean up


Let our conference planners customize a program that involves much more than just meetings. Our spouse programs work together with your conference program, helping you to balance work and quality time with your family.

We also have a professional photographer available to document your occasion. You’ll get a link with images for your event documentation, group shots, corporate portraits, weddings and unit balls. For more information about our photography services, please contact photos@edelweisslodgeandresort.com or ask your conference services staff.


  • Themed events
  • Entertainment
  • Team building activities
  • Spouse programs
  • Just For Kids Programs
  • Guided group tours
  • Classified meetings
  • Chaplain packages
  • BOSS Groups
  • Ski Groups


If you would like to organize an event and want to discuss details of our complete meeting packages, please call us at +49-8821-944-4244. We will be delighted to help plan your event to ensure its success.

We will process all requests within three business days. We sincerely look forward to working with you to help accomplish your unit or group goals.

Meetings / Groups / Weddings